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Navigating through life while battling drug addiction is a tricky path to walk. No matter how strong you think you are, everyone’s life eventually comes unwound if you continue to live life under the influence of drugs. Getting sober is the only way that you can gain back control of your life, and you cannot do it alone. You should turn to Sage Recovery and our substance abuse treatment facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana when you’re ready to get sober. Our effective addiction treatment program is the right way for you to get sober and achieve a lasting recovery.

Getting Through Withdrawal

It is never easy to stop using drugs when you have an addiction. Getting through withdrawal is very difficult, and it is nearly impossible to accomplish the feat by yourself. The urge to use in a bid to stop feeling rotten is so strong that you will feel powerless to resist it without help. That is why you should come to our drug rehab facility in Fort Wayne for managed detox. Inside our drug detox clinic, you will undergo withdrawal in an environment where you are safe and comfortable.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab Center

In addition to providing topnotch treatment for drug addiction, we also offer excellent mental health treatment at our Fort Wayne addiction treatment center. Mental health services are a necessary component in drug rehab centers because mental health issues often complicate drug addiction treatment. Without the proper mental health treatment, relapse is all too common.

Your Safe Addiction Recovery Facility

When you are researching drug rehab centers, you should be looking for one that creates an environment in which you feel completely safe. If you do not feel secure in the rehab center, you will never be able to open up the way you need to during your addiction treatment. Inside our Fort Wayne substance abuse treatment facility, we work tirelessly to ensure all our clients always feel safe during their stays.

Being Honest in Group

The heart and soul of your treatment at our Fort Wayne addiction recovery facility is group therapy. Buying into the power of group therapy is the only way you are going to successfully make it through drug rehab. To make it the most effective possible, you should fully share your tale of drug addiction and listen carefully to what others are brave enough to share in group. The lessons you learn in group give you the knowledge you need to stay sober indefinitely.

Customized Addiction Treatment Experience

Every person who enters our addiction recovery program in Fort Wayne comes to us with a unique tale. Your experiences with drug addiction are specific to you, and you need a treatment plan that is customized to meet your individual needs for rehab. We have a large variety of drug treatment options to choose from, allowing us the freedom to create a treatment program that is just right for you. While you are in our addiction recovery center in Fort Wayne, your treatment program will be adjusted as needed to make sure it helps you reach recovery as efficiently as possible.

Aftercare Assistance to Keep You Clean

The day you leave our addiction treatment facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you will be understandably nervous. Leaving the safety of our rehab center for daily life is a good reason to be wary. You will face stress and temptation, and it will be hard to resist the urge to use without help. That is why we offer our clients aftercare programs to help them adjust to life outside a drug rehab facility.

Sage Recovery does everything we can to assist your addiction recovery from the moment you walk through our doors. Our excellent treatment takes place in a warm, safe environment, and you will be amazed at how hard our staff works to assist you in every phase of your recovery. With our help, you can reclaim your life from the grasp of drug addiction.