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A Combination That Creates Addiction Recovery Success

More than 23 million people in the U.S. are struggling with drug addiction. If you are at the point where you want to start searching for drug rehab centers, then you are ready to let the true healing begin. The next step is making sure that you choose a substance abuse treatment facility that has a strategy that will maximize your potential for recovery and minimize your potential for a relapse. Our drug rehab facility uses a mixture of techniques to fortify our members’ strength. The comprehensive addiction recovery plan inside our facility includes the following benefits:


Supportive Drug Detoxification

Detoxification is the most crucial step in the process of recovery. It comes directly after you make the decision to give us a chance and enter the addiction recovery facility. You’ll have access to a clean and serene environment where you can participate in a well-supervised purification of your body from the unhealthy substances that have entered it over the years. Our staff members are compassionate people who want to see you achieve your goals and break the bonds of drug addiction. Your time in the drug detox clinic may last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the substance that you used and the amount of time that your body had a tolerance for it. Once your mind, body, and spirit have been cleansed of the unhealthy substances, you can move on to the next stage of our intricate addiction recovery program.


Dual Diagnosis Care

We offer you and your loved ones access to dual diagnosis mental health treatment, which is crucial to long-term recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment includes screening for co-occurring disorders and illnesses that may make drug addiction more challenging than usual. Examples are anxiety issues, depressive disorders, and even environmental stress that occurred during childhood. Specialists will help you to explore those areas to ensure that you receive the level of treatment that you need and deserve.


Staff and Residential Support

Support is a huge factor when it comes to recovery success. The time that you spend in our addiction treatment facility will be full of support. You’ll receive it from not only the certified specialists in our facility but also from other people who are going through the same transition and share the same goals that you have. You will have the opportunity to make friends, gather support and share experiences and strategies.


Along with strong emotional support, you will also receive assistance keeping yourself healthy physically and spiritually with enriching activities. The counselors and therapies that you’ll have access to can help to create a specially tailored health plan or activity schedule that you can use to deter you from using harmful substances. After you engage in alternative activities for a certain amount of time, you will eventually develop healthy routines that stick with you.


Post-Care Checkups and Support

Our addiction treatment center advocates strong relapse prevention strategies. Therefore, we try our best to keep up with people who have graduated from our programs. We believe that a majority of relapses occur because support is not available for people. Therefore, we put in additional efforts to ensure that the bonds and connections that form during treatment are not lost the moment you walk out the door. Recovery is a lifelong process, and as such, we try to provide you with lifelong assistance.


Reach out to the Addiction Recovery Center Today

Your new life is only a phone call away. You can kick-start your recovery by calling and requesting a walk-through of our facility. You’ll have the opportunity to meet some staff members and then decide whether the program is right for you. The ball is in your court at that point. If you want to step toward recovery, just ask us and we will be there to assist you.